Windshield Protection Offers Defense You’ll Never See

Just because windshield film from Umbra Window Tinting in Chicago provides an invisible layer of protection doesn’t mean you won’t feel its effects.

Shield your car and everyone inside from the elements with our optically-clear protection film for automotive windshields – the best product in its category, hands down.

When installed by the professionals at Umbra Window Tinting, our film offers an affordable solution that maintains the integrity of your vehicle’s windshield as long as it remains on.

The Benefits Are Endless

  • Provides scratch & impact resistance – Our hard-coated film is designed to take whatever the road dishes out! Like glass, it offers scratch-resistant qualities that protect against normal abrasions. Additionally, should the film experience a serious impact, it only leaves a minimal pinpoint – protecting you and other shotgun riders from dangerous broken shards of glass.
  • Eliminates most heat, glare & UV rays – Certified installers at Umbra Window Tinting ensure our film is thermally fitted to every curve of your windshield, forming a bond with the glass to defend against the sun. From the UV stabilizers that reduce the amount of heat entering your car to the polarized finish that reduces glare, you can be sure you receive the defense you deserve!
  • Offers a sustainable solution to window repair – Windshield film is environmentally friendly, since it prevents unnecessary pollution from windshield glass that, when broken, ends up in streets, sidewalks and landfills.
  • Protects your investment – With windshield film, you can drive assured knowing it helps maintain the value of your car, while protecting the lives of passengers inside.

Ensure your safety, comfort and protection with quality windshield film from Umbra Window Tinting. Get your free, no-hassle estimate when you contact us today.

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