Shield Your Car’s Exterior with Automotive Paint Protection Film
Whether you’re driving around Chicago or parked in your driveway, your vehicle’s paint job is in danger everywhere! Small hazards such as rocks, salt, hail, sand, and even insects can cause irreversible damage to the exterior of your car, ultimately impacting it’s resale value. But with automotive paint protection film (also known as PPF or clear bra) expertly installed by Umbra can guard your vehicle against abrasions, scratches, nicks, and even dents so it maintains a fresh and flawless finish regardless of how many miles you travel!
Paint Protection Film Benefits
Enhances your car’s style – PPF has a clear, high-gloss finish that provides industry-leading optical clarity – allowing the true colors of your car to shine through. Plus, the clear bra has self-healing abilities so if scratched, it returns to it’s original state after sitting under the sun or by applying heat. It’s also resistant to cracks, yellowing, and also staining.
Custom fits your vehicle –Unlike other protection products, our car paint protection film doesn’t require drilled holes or special fasteners. All film is computer cut and applied by our team of professionals to fit your vehicle’s exact specifications.
Delivers peace of mind –You can wash, wax and care for your car just as you always have once clear bra is installed. Additionally, paint protection film is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
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