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Window tinting helps keep your car cooler during the summer months, protects your vehicle's interior from cracking and fading, reduces glare from the sun and other vehicle's headlights for safer driving and provides privacy, as well as a unique custom look.

All window tinting is expertly applied by Umbra's highly qualified professionals using computer cut patterns that result in the tightest tolerance for little or no gap. Umbra uses only the highest quality films, featuring nano ceramic technology, 99.9% UV rejection, classic looks, and a lifetime warranty against any fading bubbling or cracking. For more information on window tinting films visit:

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New Illinois Window Tinting Law

On 10/30/09 bill HB3325 was passed allowing passenger vehicles to
have window tint on both front windows. Hereís the breakdown:

  • up to 35% for front and rear windows
  • 30-35% in the rear and up to 50% front
  • If rear windows are tinted below 30%, front windows cannot have tint.
    Vehicles equipped with factory rear tint are allowed to have
    up to 50% tint for front windows.

To find out more about HB3325 CLICK HERE.